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Elimu kwetu - school radio
Students receive manuals which explain the courses. At an agreed time (once a week) a teacher transmits one chapter through the radio station KICORA. The student, who read the chapter before, follows the lesson at home, making notes in his/her manual. Once a week, each group of students meets their facilitator (in their neighbourhood) to discuss the subjects. Here each student is given a chance to resolve his/her own problems. This method facilitates students to integrate the content of the classes. In this way students are prepared to successfully pass the state exam and obtain a valid diploma.
Radio Mahoro - a community radio
The mission of a radio is threefold: to educate, to inform and to entertain. Two professional journalists run radio Mahoro during three years. At the same time they train a local team of volunteers to manage the community radio. This team will then be capable to prepare radio programs themselves which discuss problems taken from the daily life in Kigoma: farming, diseases, energy, man-woman- relations, culture... In this way, people from rural areas contribute to the development of their region.

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