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Tanzania is a huge country in East-Africa (945,087 km²) with about 33 million inhabitants. Its Western region is Kigoma, which has frontiers with Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.Kigoma has long shores on the Lake Tanganyika. Situated at more than 1200 km from Dar Es Salaam, the capital of Tanzania, Kigoma is poor with a high rate of illiteracy and HIV/AIDS infection, and bad infrastructure (education, transport, communication). For many reasons, including poverty and diseases, many people miss education at a young age.Education empowers people for self-esteem and enables them to control their living conditions.
Project philosophy
Probably the biggest problem in Africa is the huge gap between rich (haves) and poor (have-nots), without a middle class. This is the result of the abuse of responsibilities by the elites. Apparently the education system did not prepare responsible leaders who sufficiently care about the have-nots. After the independencies in the 60s education did not get enough attention in many African countries. Through educational and communication services, KICORA wants to empower the population of Kigoma in order to improve life standards and hence reduce poverty. A truly successful life demands cooperation. Therefore, a community radio will trigger and support solidarity initiatives. This can be a way to give a voice to the many people who are voiceless in Africa. Radio is also an effective medium to reach remote villages with poor infrastructure.

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